Monday, November 18, 2013

Are you CURIOUS about my Cabinet????

Happy Monday!  

This weekend I decided to set to work on my Gina's Designs Curio Cabinet. I knew when I
first saw it in the store I had to give it a try although honestly it did not turn out the way I had envisioned it. 
I initially painted it ivory, thinking I would distress it and then when it was over it looked good but so plain.  So then I chose to cover it with designer paper- Crate Paper.  Then I started painting the doors and detailed areas as the ivory didn't work with the paper.  I guess my goal was a little old fashioned cabinet sitting in a dining room somewhere.  So I thought, what else would be in that dining room?  What about a chandelier? 
I painted the chandelier with some adirondeck paints in pool and then I covered the entire thing with some glitter and added a bow.  It really does look pretty on the side.  And what else was in grandma's dining room......   a bird cage of course. 
  What do you think?  I was thrilled that I could paint all these items to match this awesome paper.  I then wanted to add a few little trinkets inside of the cabinet.  Now as you can see I have a little wreath hanging on the front (in honor of the season coming up).  But when you open the door- just a few little jars and platters. 
I used a few little glass jars on the inside along with making a few little platters or layered items to represent some little trinkets inside the cabinet.  I had a few little spools and some beaded  pins.  I just thought vintage would work best. 

I do hope you enjoyed this project and remember you can get it at Gina's Designs! 


Vicki said...

This is amazing, Heidi!! Wow, do you make them life size? I need one.

Shanna Shands said...

This turned out amazingly. I love the color choice. Really fun curio!