Friday, April 18, 2008

Cherries and Punches

You know, when I first saw this set I thought to myself, who puts fruit on cards? I mean, really- what kind of message do you send to someone on a card with fruit on it? Oranges/Limes, strawberries, cherries and apples- pleassssssssse! Well I got it anyways and I am telling you, I love the cards I can make with it but I am still troubled with the message to send. For instance, this card is so cute- but what message do I use along the bottom of it? You tell me, if you got this card, what would it say to you? And well, if you don't like the card and got it- it still might say something, maybe not something nice- but do tell! (hee hee....) I used real red card base, stamped with the RR and and OOlive for the cherries and OO grosgrain as well.

Oh and did you notice the scallop edge? Well when I was in CA last week and wasting time at Target I found the treading water punch and that is it- it scallops and punches the hole. Now to be honest, when I heard of this I thought I can punch that hole in my own scallops- but heck for 9.99- yeah, that is what they charge at Target ladies! NOT the 14.99 the other stores charge- so check out your local Target for this punch. So sweet!

Hope you like the card and please, do tell me what it should say girls!

Oh and stop over at Tara's website to get a chance to win FREE stamps!

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23jellybean said...

Well you said it - or ended your blog with what I think of fruit - Sweet, so you could do the same thing you would with chocolate or even coffee images. Right or am I wrong here. Lets do lunch, you're sweet, how sweet of you, Arange you Sweet?, Love you berry much, you got the lemons/limes you could do the Life is what happens while your busy making other plans, And thanks for not just the big things you do but all the little wonderful things too. Plain old thank you. Now that I'm thinking about it, was this meant to be retoricle? :)