Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank YOU!

Oh, what was it a couple of weeks ago when I was at Jen's we did 3 projects and this one I had not finished at her house so I had to bring it home and complete it. I have seen these tins and the little nuggets but had not done any. So we ordered a few and this is my finished product. Now, you can put candies in them but you know what else is sweet? Filling it with die cuts and chipboard shapes! I am thinking that I am going to host a party and give my hostess a sweet gift (not sur if it will be candy sweet or die cut sweet!). I am loving this paper-
Okay- then my mother's friend needed a card for someone that was an Eagle Scout and she wanted it to be a Graduation and Eagle Scout type card. Well, I am the last person to know anything about Eagle Scouts, what with my boys being into football, basketball, golf and video games, so I did some research with the ladies on SCS and this is what I came up with. The background is actually printed on cardstock and then I used the newest SU graduation set, added the fleur de fleu (what is that?). She was happy with the card and I thought it looked nice, masculine and seriously Eagle Scout. Now, she would like one for her great grand, not sure if this is the direction I was going! Just kiddin............ this is the fun part!
Oh- yeah, I got the fritzzzzzzzzzzzz out of the puter- I think the little man did some overloading of the circuits loading some gaming stuff and it was tuckered out. Well this is something else I don't know much about but I am just glad it is fixed and I can post again! Talk to you later- I better do some more projects now!


Anonymous said...

I like how your card turned out!


Newstampinaddict said...

I just love your blog and all your projects!

TAG you're it! I've tagged you from my blog.. details are posted there if you want to play!