Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simple and Clean

Hello everyone! Today's card is, or shall I say my cards are simple cards that I needed to have on hand. You know how every now and then you want a clean card, small one (4x4) that you can jot a quick note down? I made these for that exact occasion. I am also thinking of making a few more sets (masculine ones as well) and putting them in our local craft show in November. I am hoping that it is something that might sell well.

I used a friendship SU set and used earth tone colors. The simple little border lines are hand drawn just to give it a little extra. Then the speckling is also a SU background stamp. LPS Challenge was to make it simple and clean- They are pretty simple arent' they? Honestly it took me less than 10min to make this entire set- isn't that cool?

Ok, off I go! I am in a happy mood this evening as I got to talk to my son and he started his classes yesterday and I miss him! Take care- Heidi

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23jellybean said...

Simple cards are my fav!