Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Inspire Me..............

Hello everyone,  I have a fun and easy project for you today from Gina's Designs.  I have never made one of these in all the time I have been crafting since I always struggled on knowing how to hang them (let alone where).  But when Gina asked me for a word I knew it had to be the word INSPIRE since I knew I was gonna need a lot of it to make this.  So this is how my "kit" came. 
Ok, so the doilies (which remember are my favorite embellishments!) didn't come with the set but I knew immediately that I was going to have to use them on that bare cardstock.  I wanted this project to stay as natural as possible but you know me, I had to add a little "vintage" and sparkle to it as well!   So I set to painting the banners with a little texture.  If you see in the picture just under the word inspire are the printed rosettes (so EASY to put together too- Gina has them all scored and ready to go!). 
Here is the letter S-  so to tell you how I did each of the little flags: I painted them with a little white paint and just added a little stickles.  The next layer is the beautiful doily, the rosettes, then a couple double bows in aqua satin and sheer white tied with twine which I left hanging.  The letters were painted with a pool adirondeck paint and then I added a little white flocking and some stickles around the edges.  I think that they look so vintage/romantic.  
So here is the banner.  I tried to hang it somewhere where you could see it well enough to photograph it. It won't stay here because I would not be able to get into my cabinet but I am thinking my walls are a nice chocolate shake brown and this will be beautiful on the wall (once I wrangle hubby into hanging it properly).  
 Another close up of the flags- here you can see the layers a bit more, nice and thick! Stop on over to Gina's to get your own banner!  
Gina's Designs Products: 
Be Inspired! 


Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Beautiful banner! I love how you painted and distressed the letters. The delicate layers are so pretty and I love the touch of bling! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Heidi, I love this banner! The colours, the distressing, the doilies! Great job!