Monday, October 12, 2009

Please HELP me............

I do not have a card or project to show you all today- have been fighting a migraine for day 2 and I may be getting a cold too! ugh......... but now I need your assistance.

Over on SCS, Scrapbox had a competition where participants could enter to win a scrapbox award, a makeover shall we say? Well one of my friends, her name is Jilanne, entered the contest. Each person got to post why they needed the makeover and then people voted for those they felt most deserving. Well Jilanne has made it to the top 10! She is so excited.......... now, if you know Jilanne, she is so deserving of this win. She is so generous (in heart, time, talents, and gift giving) she is always willing to angel a s wap and go above and beyond for her fellow crafters. She has just won the hearts of so many of us that call her friend. So I would like to ask you if you would be willing to go and cast a vote for Jilanne? It won't take but a moment of your time......... and it will make such an impact on her. Please..........please, I would love to be able to say that I helped her win. And thank you so much for considering this request. Here is the link:



Rarinstamp said...

You are so right Heidi - she does deserve to win this. I have gotten to know her through all your swaps for the past few years and would love to see her win this. AND I did go and vote earlier........... crossing my fingers.

Cindy said...

So very pretty, just like all your other posts.....I'm so jealous!