Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a week!

So it is Friday evening, just thinking about relaxing and the power goes off! What? it is like 92 degree outside, this is not happening, not on Friday afternoon. Yep, we were without until Saturday afternoon. To say the least it was a hot and very busy weekend and I got no, none, nada and zip stamping done. So- instead you get to see some pictures of my rhodedendron in the front- these beauties have not really flowered since we moved in her 6years ago and this year- they are awesome. So now you say, wait, it is Thursday- what has she been doing and why doesn't she have 'stuff' for us to see today. Well, you might thinkI should but it has been another CRAZY week at work and well- I have been so tired I have not wanted to do anything- so I didn't. Please forgive me, I will work on some stuff tonight and this weekend and get back to you early week.

I will leave you with these, I do not know what they are but they are bushes/trees in my back flower bed and oh so pretty and smell nice too! If you know what they are please let me know.
Enjoy the flowers and talk to you later.


UK MUM IN USA said...

Beautiful flowers, I think the white one might be a Hydrangea.

tina said...

Those are hydrangeas!!!Great cards by the way!!!

Paula said...

The leaf structure tells me this is a Viburnum. If you could show me a photo of the entire plant so that I can see the shape and another where I can see how the leaves are arranged on the plant. I could be sure that it is not a Hydrangea as the others suggest. Some Viburnums and lace cap Hydrangeas have similar blooms but that crinkly leaf screams Viburnum.