Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Up?

Well it is Monday, again I might add. I am not fond of Monday, they just mean my weekend is over and my work week is starting and I have 5 full days in front of me. At our house, we think that the work week should be Monday through Thursday and the weekend Friday-Saturday: it just makes sense doesn't it? Plus my day started when I forgot to reset my clock from when we lost power and I got up 40 minutes earlier than I needed to (and my sleep is precious- I like my sleepy time) and then I was without internet. So, for those of you who know me well enough that means I can't start work! And as good as that sounds, it means that I am that much further behind for the week.................. I was without internet until 1pm so my day was a little hectic after 1pm.
Oh but wait- you did not come here to here me whine about my Monday so I will move onto my project. I wanted to do a little something different than a card so I did this little gift card holder. It is something that I got from a website but don't recall whose (sorry) but it is a perfect little doo dad to have on hand for those last minute gift card holders. I made it from a piece of paper that was 41/2 x11 and scored it a couple times, taped the middle together and punched the hole for the card. Let me know if you want the tutorial and I will find it or email it to you. I used my Tilda with lilacs on it (shhh don't tell- I already had her colored and cut out which is sweet...... makes a project go much faster!). The cardstock is actually a wine bazill piece.
Oh and sorry it has been a week, another hectic/crazy week at work and then I had visitors from Finland (hey, Mintuu, Sari and Ari!) and I must tell- I got Magnolia's ladies! More of them! Yahoo- I am sure you'll see projects with them in the next few weeks. Take care and have a good one.


23jellybean said...

Well you know me I'd love the tutorial. Please, Please, Pretty Please. I have a TON of birthday 3 just this weekend.

Roz said...

loving this project! Thanks for sharing!