Saturday, November 7, 2009

What happened to my nose?

Hello again ladies! Is this little reindeer not the cutest? Do you notice anything wrong with him? I am laughing, but not enough to stop publishing............... I never colored his nose. Well I did color it while I was coloring him but I totally forgot to go back and darken it and just noticed it NOW! This is for the Little Paper Shoppe Challenge in which we had to use a digi image and a stamped image. I thought it made a cute whimsical christmas card- speaking of which- how are you all doing on making those? I have a ton of them made- probably more than I need so I think that I will package some up and give them away as prizes.

I hope you all have a great Saturday!


Cindy said...

Well I think he looks just great with his little brown nose :)

Kristine said...

LOL - how CUTE! LOVE your title! I thought maybe you were hiding his nose inside the card somewhere?!! LOL

EEEEKS, I have about 3 Christmas cards made so far, not nearly enough!! I think I may have to enter ALL your card giveaways so I can add them to my stash! LOL ;P

(just kidding!) LOVE your bow and your sketch on this. Very cute card heidi! :)

Michelle Forrest said...

Adorable card Heidi! Love this guy!

I actually have a bunch of holiday cards made - way ahead of schedule- first time in years!